Wireless - Secure Mesh Networks for high reliability


Walker wireless systems use advanced ZigBee technology.  These highly sophisticated devices form a network of nodes where each node can pass information on to the next node.  Devices can communicate over long distances and disruptions to the network are self healing - the mesh is able to reconfigure itself on the fly.  For you, this means secure, reliable and easily reconfigurable systems that meet all your building's needs.


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Whether you are managing a 2 unit townhouse or a 3000 zone apartment complex, we have a solution for you.


Save 30% - 70% on your heating and cooling bills by leveraging building wide strategies.


Create complex heating and cooling schedules that suit all your tenants and save you money.


Our commercial building solutions are highly flexible and wireless installation saves you thousands of dollars.


Heat or cool your home only when you need to and save huge on your energy costs.


Our residential solutions let you control your home's heating systems over the internet and create mulitple control zones throughout your home.



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