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Wireless Systems Overview

Walker Technologies’ Walker Wireless is the latest innovation in building control. The system offers from 30% - 70% energy savings by orchestrating a buildings heating and cooling environment wirelessly, while improving the comfort for building occupants and lowering greenhouse gas emissions. Fully customizable system settings use motion sensors to automatically adjust heat based on occupancy, and give the building owners control of their building from a computer or smart phone anywhere in the world. Wireless communication between controllers dramatically reduces installation costs and maintenance, while affording for short return on investment.

Key Features:
• Saving from 30% to 70% on your heating/cooling bills gives a short return on investment while reducing your carbon footprint.
• Your heating or cooling is automatically adjusted based on room occupancy.
• Leading edge Wireless technology allows for non-invasive setup and dramatic cost savings on the initial installation.
• Individualized software gives you complete control of your building from anywhere in the world, with continuous and accurate tracking of heating

Types of Systems:
Although Walker Wireless systems have many uses and applications, we have summarized four groups of system strategies that are effectively being used internationally:

Home Systems Home Control Systems - 30 years of commercial HVAC controls technology is behind new controls for your home. With a focus on affordability, these systems make efficient heat control available to all home owners. Wireless communication between controllers creates a network in your home by simply replacing your traditional baseboard thermostats.
Commercial Systems Commercial Systems - Commercial systems have been the focus of Walker Technologies Corp. for 30 years. With the introduction of wireless controls there are a new range of economically viable options where low impact installation and security are vital. Commercial systems are installed in hospitals, industrial locations, airports, heritage buildings, schools and military locations.

Community Systems Community Control Systems - Where there is a community of buildings or residences that are within a short distance from each other, a centralized control system can often reduce the cost per unit for the installation. The centralized control location manages the internet connection and contains the control logic for each individual unit. Each building or condo has individual passwords and software graphics.

Resort Systems Mall, Hotel and Resort Control Systems - Innovative applications for building control have been achieved through wireless controllers. Malls, hotels and resorts are installing the latest heating technology where they were previously unable to. Walker Wireless systems are cost effective, unobtrusive, industrial quality controls in an attractive and user-friendly package.

Energy and Cost Benefits:

• From 30% to 70% savings on energy bills.
• Fast and inexpensive installation without costly wiring.
• Short return on investment.
• Integrates with smart meters where available which can further
  increase savings.
• Provides detailed usage information.
• Allows continuous tracking of heating expenses.
• Turns down heat if windows are left open.

• Reduces tenant turnover due to heating issues, making it a better
  economical choice.
• Cuts maintenance costs by reporting problems before damage occurs.
• Alerts management before pipes freeze.
• Works with local governments for green incentives.
• Lowers building’s carbon footprint by cutting down on greenhouse

Mesh Network Mesh Network

The technology of the physical system of Walker Wireless is the result of aggressive research and development by Walker Technologies. The Zigbee Mesh Network is a Self-Healing dynamic wireless protocol. When Walker Wireless controllers are not connected to a network, they act as “stand alone”, and will continue to function normally.

Click here for more information on how the mesh network works.

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