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VAV Controllers & IOBus Slave Devices

IOB-B1 and IOB-B2
The IOB-B1 and IOB-B2 series of products are I/O Bus devices that provide expansion to the Walker line of controllers (WS1616s, MiniSACs and MicroSACs). The modules come in many factory assembled configurations and include a Belimo Motor with various options of inputs and outputs.

The IOB-VAV I/O Bus Module provides a SAC with a unitary VAV controller. The module comes in many factory-assembled configurations for use as a complete unitary airflow station. The module can include remote flow sensor and its input circuitry, motor and its output drive circuitry, and additional inputs and outputs. The flow sensor module is manufactured by Kavlico.

Easy-VAV is a high power VAV controller that can operate stand alone or under supervisory control. The Easy-VAV communicates directly with the Gruner 227V VAV compact actuator via PP Bus. Easy-VAV features highly fl exible supervisory control or local access to all points, including direct manual control of outputs.

The Gruner 227V VAV compact actuator contains a dynamic differential pressure sensor. The volume flow is measured according to the defi ned fl ow direction. An integrated microprocessor controls measurement and control of the actuator and communication.

The 227V VAV can be used for pressure independent control of VAV boxes. Simple realisation of different operating modes can be utilised by using override control signals.
IOBus Expanders
The IOBus provides serial expansion to MiniSAC, MicroSAC2x, and MicroSAC3x products via a 2 wire cable. Expansion modules can be located up to 1000 feet from the controller and come with a range of digital and analog outputs and inputs.

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