Systems Overview

Walker Technologies control systems are installed in thousands of buildings around the world ranging from government laboratories, hospitals, schools, military bases, prisons, industrial facilities, retail centers and hotels. Many systems installed 30 years ago are still fully functioning and being expanded upon by our qualified distributors.

Because we did it right the first time, our controls are 100% backwards compatible going back to the first installations 30 years ago. Walker’s original system code and language design is so flexible, efficient and secure that our current products still use the same code structure at their core to implement the latest technical enhancements.

Systems can be easily expanded upon or modified to include the latest technologies or to comply with the highest energy efficiency standards. Upgrading is as easy as exchanging firmware chips in existing controllers, changing the PC based operator software, or adding any of the newer (or older) available products. The databases written for the original controllers prior to upgrading are compatible with our new products.

Walker Technologies latest development efforts have been focused on wireless communications between controllers and Walker Technologies Corp. is pleased to introduce the first "fully wireless" DDC control system. One control system is now scalable from a single baseboard controller in your home to any size of commercial installation, without running wires.

Standard Systems:
Walker Technologies Standard systems including Honeywell Custodian and Honeywell Custodian Plus have been installed and operating since 1981. Many systems have been operating for 30 years, without failure.

Since their introduction, we improved these systems with IOBUS two wire I/O expansion, and then with EasySTAT unitary controllers. We also added Internet bridges, BACnet IP, BACnet MSTP and MODBUS interfaces. Over several years, we have developed our wireless product line which ties into existing Standard panels and is a superior form of building control.

Wireless Systems:

Dramatically reducing installation cost and improving flexibility in home control through to large commercial facilities, Walker Wireless is the latest addition to our product line and represents a revolutionary change in the application of controls to the HVAC marketplace. Our fully wireless systems represent the future of building controls by substantially reducing the cost of implementation, servicing, and expansion in the new construction and retrofit markets.

In retrofit applications wireless offers affordability and simple installation, enabling new markets to consider using DDC in order to save energy and increase comfort where it was previously not cost effective or practical. With the rising cost of energy, any building owner can now consider installing wireless DDC to make their building more energy efficient.

Walker Technologies offers scalable, inexpensive and internet accessible wireless systems that range from a few baseboard controllers to save energy in your home, to large commercial systems with thousands of zones.

Home Systems:
30 years of commercial HVAC controls technology is behind new controls for your home. The Walker Technologies Corp. home system offers from 30% - 70% energy savings by properly orchestrating your heating environment wirelessly, while improving comfort and lowering greenhouse gas emissions. Wireless communication between controllers creates a network in your home by simply replacing your traditional baseboard thermostats.

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