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Supervisory Interface Controllers & Stand Alone Controllers

SACs are available in a range of point configurations to suit any application. Each SAC is an intelligent controller containing a powerful operating system and state-of-the-art hardware. SACs are mounted close to controlled equipment and share information together on a universal network called SmartLAN. Each of our controllers can stand alone and connect to the Internet and our front end software – Connect IMS.

Walker WS1616

Veiw the WS1616 Spec Sheet

The WS1616 is a high speed modular controller ideal for controlling major mechanical and electrical equipment. This SAC can be used as a fully functional single-panel system, or integrated into a large system as a supervisory controller with complete programming and diagnostic capabilities.

WS1616 is expandable to a maximum of 72 input/output points; enough for most high point density areas or complete single panel systems.

Remote monitoring and control is facilitated by automatic alarm dial-out, manual operator dial-in, and other configuration options.

MicroSAC 31

MicroSAC 31
The MicroSAC 31 is one of Walker's most popular HVAC controllers and begins the evolution of the Walker controller product line to a single form factor.

Based on the successful MicroSAC 21 product line, the MicroSAC 31 adds a second microprocessor, expandable I/O, and on board I/O Bus power to greatly enhance and expand performance. It is a competitive addition to current applications, as well as a low cost solution for many OEM applications.

The MicroSAC 31 is identical in programming to all previous Walker products and is completely backward compatible with the existing installed base.

MicroSAC 21

MicroSAC 21/26
The MicroSAC family of controllers provides system designers with a low cost yet fully programmable solution. These controllers are applicable to low point density areas within a control system.

They have 4 universal inputs and varying output types. Output expander modules may also be added to any MicroSAC.
MiniSAC-60 MiniSAC-60
The MiniSAC-60 is a full function mid-sized process controller. It is suited for those applications that are too large for the smaller MicroSACs, yet do not require the high point count and supervisory capabilities of the WS1616.

The MiniSAC has an onboard real time clock for critical control applications. The 8 input and 12 output point count make this panel ideal for the control of mid-sized heating and cooling components, such as chillers, boilers and packaged air-conditioning units.

MiniSAC-60 is applicable to any job that is served by its point count and configuration.
ws1600 WS1600/1500
The WS1600 Node Controller is an active network hub used to link up to 3 SmartLAN sections together in large installations. Special alarm and communications handling in the Node make it a powerful supervisory controller.

Using Nodes in large systems provides a means for effective zone management. Nodes can be positioned to manage physical zones or common equipment, making all programming, diagnostic and supervisory functions for that zone or equipment group available at one location. The Node is designed to handle high-volume trending and alarm buffering.

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