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Standard Systems

Even with advances in technology, your system will not become out of date. Over the last 30 years Walker Technologies has maintained consistent backwards compatibility.

Standard Walker Technologies control systems are installed in thousands of buildings around the world ranging from government laboratories, hospitals, schools, military bases, prisons, industrial facilities, retail centers and hotels. Many systems installed 30 years ago are still fully functioning and being expanded upon by our qualified distributors.

The core of the system consists of Stand Alone Controllers (SACs) communicating on a versatile real-time network interfaced to user-friendly front-end software. These elements form a powerful facilities management system, controlling every detail of the site. All components are modular, allowing you to expand the system as needed. With connection via BTL certified BACnet modules, BACnet complaince with both BAC/IP and MSTP can be easily added.

In later years, there has been a focus in our install base to using our 2-wire I/O-BUS modules to distribute connections to remote I/O devices and smart modules. The I/O BUS also connects to unitary controllers of several types in our EasySTAT product line. These EasySTAT devices have now evolved to include on-board ZIGBEE radios. These ZIGBEE devices form a mesh network and communicate with our SAC panels wirelessly in the same way that
the wired I/O-BUS modules do, but with some substantial and unique advantages. Find out more about Walker Wireless here.

For more detail on our Standard systems please veiw our Product Catalog PDF.


Connect-IMS allows users to access their system from anywhere in the world. This PC-based front-end software package provides complete control of you building from your desktop. Operators will immediately feel comfortable using Connect-IMS because of its simplicity. Easy to build and use Graphics allow you to access and control every point in your building's HVAC, energy management control systems. Graphics in the system are linked together with hot spots that allow you to navigate the system just by clicking the mouse.
Stand Clone Controllers (SAC) panels

SACs are available in a range of point configurations to suit any application. Each SAC is an intelligent controller containing a powerful operating system and state-of-the-art hardware. SACs are mounted close to controlled equipment and share information together on a universal network called SmartLAN. Each of our controllers can stand alone and connect to the Internet and our front end software – Connect IMS.

Smart Thermostats & Remote Sensors

The Easy-STAT product line has been described as one of the highest functioning and cost efficient unitary controllers of its kind anywhere in the world. It comes complete with Easy-tool setup software and almost any option that we could think of to put in a “smart stat”.
Product Communication and Layout

Walker Technologies’ versatile products use a combination of SmartLAN, I/O Bus, Wireless I/O Bus to communicate in a system setting. This page explains walker’s unique product communication methods, as well as system structure and product layout.l

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