SystemsSolar, Wind & Geothermal Integration

Solar, Wind & Geothermal Integration

When installing an alternative energy retrofit, it is critical to monitor the energy usages and power generation loads of a building. Walker Technologies Corp. controls seamlessly tie all of your buildings information and functions into one easy to navigate system. Trending report information can easily be stored in commonly used formats for further calculations by the rest of the system or exported to other data analysis software. Whether through heat transfer or electricity load implementation, Walker has a wide range of products to customize your system and accommodate all aspects of your energy generation functions.

Some examples:

Solar Electricity
In one example of solar implementation, a site has a field of solar arrays to supplement the buildings power requirements. Data is read from the arrays inverter through modbus and from the buildings power meter through pulses. This data is used to calculate the power generated by the array and compare it to the power the building is using. Calculations are then used to confirm the buildings reduced impact on the environment. Trends have been setup to allow for reports to be generated. This system seamlessly ties solar power integration and the buildings infrastructure together in one package.

Solar Hot Water System
In this system, as the temperature in the storage tanks drop and the temperature in the solar loop is hot enough, the system turns on to transfer the heat to the storage tanks. Once they are at temperature the system turns off. This simple and cost effective solution can be expanded to accommodate any of the buildings functions.

Other Technologies
It is simple to implement other green technologies with Walker Technologies’ fully customizable systems. Connect-IMS system software allows users to easily navigate and control their buildings infrastructure while monitoring and integrating any green energy.

Whether by solar, wind, geothermal or through other technologies, Walker Technologies Corp. can help you lower your impact on the environment through integration and control.

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