Our experience working with major OEM clients ensures communication and flexibility every step of the way.

Walker Technologies Corporation specializes in the specification, development and production of automated control systems for major OEMs. Using our expertise in the field of direct digital control (DDC), we continue to develop highly competitive products that are easy to configure, install, and operate. By emphasizing simplicity at all levels, we provide reliable, cost-effective solutions.

System Design

Using decades of real-time control development experience, the Walker Technologies design team will determine the most effective combination of existing and new technologies to meet your control needs. In many cases, our existing control products become the basis of your project, resulting in reduced development time and lower design costs. By building on the foundation of our reliable products, which are currently installed in thousands of sites across the world, you can be confident that our designs are highly marketable and profitable.

The ease of programming, provided by our General Control Language (GCL) and configurable hardware, differentiates our control systems from our competitors. Over the past three decades, considerable effort was placed on designing an intuitive programming environment that maximizes the powerful features of our control systems. As a result, we are very successful in enabling operators, installers, and designers with minimal training to successfully carry out complex functions.

A primary goal of Walker Technologies Corporation is to ensure the highest quality while minimizing costs. Our thorough knowledge of microprocessor capabilities offers us a range of component choices. We reduce unit costs by selecting high quality, off-the-shelf components.

Conceptual Consulting

Conceptual consulting is where your ingenuity meets our expertise. Working with you, we clarify the control needs of your market and devise a control strategy that is simple and effective. We will transform your initial performance objectives into technical engineering specifications. We clearly define factors which will have long term effects on the life cycle of the product. This is of particular importance when expanding the product line or making it available for a wide variety of applications. Allowing us to take part in the initial stages of a new product development will make effective use of your development capital.

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