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Building Retrofits and System Upgrades

System Upgrades
You can easily upgrade your system or add Walker Wireless onto any existing building control installation. Because we did it right the first time, our controls are 100% backwards compatible going back to the first installations 30 years ago. Walker’s original system code and language design is so flexible, efficient and secure that our current products still use the same code structure at their core to implement the latest technical enhancements.

Systems can be easily expanded upon or modified to include the latest technologies or to comply with the highest energy efficiency standards. Upgrading is as easy as exchanging firmware chips in existing controllers, changing the PC based operator software, or adding any of the newer (or older) available products. The databases written for the original controllers prior to upgrading are compatible with our new products.

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New Retrofit Projects
Previously, building control systems have not been viable in some locations because of cost or the inability to run wires for communication. Walker Wireless creates new possibilities through:

• Low impact installations without running wires throughout the building for communication: keeping heritage buildings intact and dramatically saving
  cost on the initial installation.

• A cost effective Control System that has a 4 year or less return on investment by saving from 30% to 70% on energy bills, installation without
  expensive wiring and locating all head end controllers in one central mechanical room to lower any maintenance time.

Why is Your Bill So High?

In most cases, the biggest contribution to your energy bill is the cost of inefficient heat and air conditioning usage. A Walker Technologies Wireless system saves you from 30% to 70% on energy bills by solving the following common problems:

Common problems that waste heating and cooling energy: Walker Wireless saves you money by solving these and many other problems:
Unoccupied Usage. Maintaining a high (or low in summer) base temperature, or neglecting to turn down or turn off the AC when buildings or rooms are unoccupied. Unoccupied Usage. Occupancy sensors and custom weekly schedules ensure your temperature control is on “only at the right time”. Smart turn down strategies incorporates outdoor air temperature to keep moisture out and prevent freezing.
Competing Controls. In an area where multiple units contribute to controlling temperature, one unit may heat while others cools to compensate. Competing Controls. Each Wireless controller relays information and the supervisory system orchestrates the heating environment so the units in a common area work together.
Inaccurate Temperature Control. Almost all “smart” thermostats are sluggish to respond to temperature changes because of internal self heating. This results in wide temperature fluctuations. Inaccurate Temperature Control. Walker’s unique Temperature Predictor firmware allows its thermostats to instantly and accurately measure and control temperature to within a few tenths of a deg.

Why Choose Walker Wireless

• Saving from 30% to 70% or more on your heating/cooling bills gives a short return on investment while reducing your carbon footprint.

• Low impact installation without running wires throughout the building for communication - keeping heritage buildings intact and dramatically saving cost
  on the initial installation.

• Your heat or cooling is automatically adjusted based on room occupancy.

• Leading edge Wireless technology allows for none-invasive set up and

• Individualized software gives you complete control of your building from anywhere in the world, and continuous and accurate tracking of heating

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