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Easy-STAT - Programmable Smart Room Controller

The Easy-STAT product line has been described as one of the highest functioning and cost efficient unitary controllers of its kind anywhere in the world. It comes complete with Easy-tool setup software and almost any option that we could think of to put in a “smart stat”.

EasySTAT 2x Easy-STAT 2X
The Easy-STAT 2X is a high power, high scan rate multiple loop unitary controller with up to four universal inputs, six relay drive outputs, two 0 to 10V analog outputs, and capability for two or three independent time schedules.

The Easy-STAT 2X is easy to install and set up to control two or three simple loops or a more complex application such as a Rooftop. It can operate stand-alone then later be incorporated into a low cost fully distributed control system with an Internet connection for remote monitoring and control.
A highly stable, multiple loop unitary controller which operates stand alone or as a fully functional component of a distributed control system.

This product is similar to the Easy-STAT 2X and is designed to give the lowest cost solution. All models come with full program configuration and tuning via the RS232 terminal interface. All models allow download of new Easy-STAT algorithms.

RoomSTAT - Programmable Smart Room Controller


RoomSTATs are high accuracy temperature sensors which come in a variety of configurations including temperature display, setpoint adjustment, and command of system points. Full graphical system access is available from the RoomSTAT when connected to a computer running Connect-IMS.

I/O Bus RoomSTATs

I/O Bus RoomSTATs add I/O Bus communications to RoomSTATs. They are low-power modules that can be powered directly from the dual purpose I/O Bus communication wire.

Other Sensors

Walker Technologies Corp. manufactures and distributes a range of other sensors for any application. Some common examples are Out Door Air temperature sensors and Water flow sensors.

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