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Walker Technologies Corp. manufactures and designs an extensive line of controllers used in thousands of buildings worldwide to fill any building automation need. Our line up of products is constantly being expanded upon to implement the most advanced technologies available. You can trust that your system will not become out-of-date through improvements in technology, for 30 years we have maintained consistent backwards compatibility.

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Home Systems Home Control Products - 30 years of commercial HVAC controls technology is behind new controls for your home. The Walker Technologies Corp. home system offers from 30% - 70% energy savings by properly orchestrating your heating environment wirelessly, while improving comfort and lowering greenhouse gas emissions. Wireless communication between controllers creates a network in your home by simply replacing your traditional baseboard thermostats.

Wireless Controllers Wireless Controllers - Dramatically reducing installation cost and improving flexibility in home control through to large commercial facilities, Walker Wireless is the latest addition to our product line and represents a revolutionary change in the application of controls to the HVAC marketplace. Our fully wireless systems represent the future of building controls by substantially reducing the cost of implementation, servicing, and expansion in the new construction and retrofit markets.

Community Systems Standard Products - Walker Technologies Standard systems including Honeywell Custodian and Honeywell Custodian Plus have been installed and operating since 1981. Many systems have been operating for 30 years, without failure.
Since their introduction, we improved these systems with IOBUS two wire I/O expansion, and then with EasySTAT unitary controllers. Over several years, we have developed our wireless product line which ties into existing Standard panels and is a superior form of building control.
Standard Product Pages:
Supervisory Interface Controllers & Stand Alone Controllers
Smart Thermostats & Remote Sensors
Internet, BACnet & Modbus Bridges
VAV Controllers & IOBus Slave Devices
Product Communication and Layout - Walker Technologies’ versatile products use a combination of SmartLAN, I/O Bus, Wireless I/O Bus to communicate in a system setting. This page explains walker’s unique product communication methods, as well as system structure and product layout.
Resort Systems Connect-IMS - Connect-IMS is a powerful internet capable software package that provides unsurpassed flexibility and control for setting up and managing a building control system. It provides a complete set of user-friendly control features and full graphic displays for total system access. Using Connect-IMS and an internet connection, you can command and monitor buildings from anywhere in the world.

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