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Mall, Hotel and Resort Control

Innovative applications for building control have been achieved through wireless controllers. Malls, hotels and resorts are installing the latest heating technology where they were previously unable to. Walker Wireless systems are cost effective, unobtrusive, industrial quality controls in an attractive and user-friendly package.

Energy and Cost Benefits:

• From 30% to 70% savings on energy bills.
• Fast and inexpensive installation without costly wiring.
• Short return on investment.
• Integrates with smart meters where available which can further
  increase savings.
• Provides detailed usage information.
• Allows continuous tracking of heating expenses.
• Turns down heat if windows are left open.
• Reduces tenant turnover due to heating issues, making it a better
  economical choice.
• Cuts maintenance costs by reporting problems before damage occurs.
• Alerts management before pipes freeze.
• Works with local governments for green incentives.
• Lowers building’s carbon footprint by cutting down on greenhouse
Even with advances in technology, your system will not become out of date. Over the last 30 years Walker Technologies has maintained consistent backwards compatibility.

Property Owner Control:

• Remote access via internet connection.
• Full control with continuous status reports for the building owner.
• Monitor and report tenant usage.
• Motion sensors adjust heat based on occupancy.
• Continuous monitoring with customized reports on demand.
• Prevents pipes from freezing.
• Change settings instantly with the click of a mouse.
• Automatic notification if rooms get too hot or cold.
• Flexible notification via:
      - E-mail
      - Text-to-speech systems
      - Voicemail
      - Text message
      - On-site computer display

Increased Tenant Comfort:

• Non-invasive installation – we only need to replace the thermostats so
  that tenants are not inconvenienced.
• Predictor based temperature control gives immediate control to within
  1⁄2 degree C°.
• Individual suites can be easily customized for maximum energy savings.
• Sensors can be used to reduce odours in hallways and parking areas
  by controlling the level of fresh air supply.
• Extra sensors can be added to eliminate cold rooms or areas in a unit
  as well as to change the temperature in different living spaces throughout
  the day.

Easy-PTAC Controller
Further Information on Walker Wireless:

• Motion sensing technology gives the Walker Wireless thermostat the ability to automatically turn down the heat
when a room is unoccupied.

• Without the use of costly wiring, wireless technology allows for flexible, non-invasive and inexpensive installation. It is as easy as replacing the old thermostats with Walker Wireless Thermostats.

• Maintenance costs are reduced by keeping you in touch with your building operations and allowing your to address problems before damage occurs. User defined alarm notifications are displayed locally or sent to you within seconds any way you want (e.g. your Smartphone). This would be the case if a suite gets too hot, if pipes are close to freezing, or if a window has been open for a long time.

• Time schedules can be used to lower the temperature when tenants are asleep or when no motion is detected.

• Walker Technologies Corp. operates the largest and most advanced ZigBee mesh network on the marketplace. Each thermostat wirelessly, communicates directly with the central mechanical room, ensuring there is no lost information.

• Maximum and minimum temperature limits are set in each thermostat to ensure tenants are using energy efficiently and responsibly.

• In a building where smart metering is installed the Walker Wireless system preheats the building at night when energy is inexpensive to buy. This heat is stored in air spaces and the building’s core. The building is warm during the waking hours and coasts (with the heat off) during the day when heat is more expensive.

• By Monitoring and limiting maximum energy use, smart control strategies keep electrical usage below demand limits. When usage gets too high, loads are reduced or cycled so that demand charges are eliminated.

• While reducing energy waste, a Walker Wireless creates a comfortable living environment for your tenants. There is no need for the tenants to open windows to cool down their unit. However, if a tenant does open their window, the system will detect the increase in heating demand and reduce the energy use in the unit. This energy decrease can then be followed by a system Alarm (Warning) notifying the building manager.

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