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  -   Save from 30% to 50% or more on heating costs!
    -   Control your home from your smartphone or computer!
      -   Easy to install and use!

The Walker Technologies Corp. MyHomeHeat home system offers from 30% to 50% or more energy cost savings by orchestrating your home's heating environment wirelessly, while improving comfort and lowering greenhouse gas emissions. The new easy-to-use browser based front end gives you control of your home’s heat from a computer or smart phone anywhere in the world.

30 years of commercial HVAC controls technology is behind new controls for your home. Wireless communication between controllers creates a network in your home by simply replacing your traditional baseboard thermostats. The WZ_LVS250 controller has been specially designed to control 110V, 220V, 240V and 250V baseboard heaters, but can also be used for controlling any 250V or line voltage load, such as hot water tanks, hot tubs, lighting etc. Multistage and multi-output controllers are also available. Motion sensors on each thermostat are used to automatically adjust heat based on occupancy.

A Walker MyHomeHeat Home Control System is the simplest way to make your baseboard heat energy efficient.
Key Features:

• Saving from 30% to 50% or more on your heating bills gives a short return on investment while
  reducing your carbon footprint.
• Built in motion sensors on each wireless baseboard thermostat allows heat to be adjusted based
  on room occupancy.
• Leading edge Wireless technology allows for non-invasive and simple setup.
• Easy to use browser based front end gives you complete control of your home from a smart phone
  or computer anywhere in the world.

Key System Components and Structure

Home Heating Control Network

With the MyHomeHeat System installation is as easy as changing your existing thermostats. Once installed, each Wireless LVS stat automatically communicates using a ZigBee mesh network. This type of network allows data to automatically pass from node to node (device to device, i.e. thermostat, sensor etc…) wirelessly which allows these networks to cover large areas.

Another benefit of the ZigBee mesh network is that if a device loses its signal and can no longer transmit data through its current RF pathway, it will reroute its data to reach its destination through another RF pathway to reach its destination.

Information like motion, temperature and schedule is wirelessly passed to and from the WZ_TERMINAL_1 Wireless Master Control Box plugged into your home internet. This allows you to access your home heating from anywhere with an internet connection through our browser based front end. With this you can adjust system settings and remotely turn up the heat from your computer or smartphone.
My Home Heating - Home System Topography : Zigbee Mesh Network

Single Zone Baseboard Controller

The single zone WZ_LVS250 controls one zone of baseboard heating accurately to within a few tenths of a degree C°. Each WZ_LVS250 is installed simply by replacing old mechanical 110V, 220V, 240V or 250V baseboard thermostats, but can also be used for controlling any 250V or line voltage load, such as hot water tanks, hot tubs, lighting etc. The adjustable motion detector can turn down the heat based on occupancy to save energy. The WZ_LVS250 responds to a knob setpoint or a supervisory command sent over the wireless network. The Walker Temperature Predictor in the software compensates for self heating and wall effects to ensure stable control.
WZ_LVS250 -- 80 to 250 VAC
WZ_LVS25 -- 25V or Hydronic Controller

For more info on the WZ_LVS250 and WZ_LVS25 please visit the Home Control Products page or contact us at
Multiple Zone Wireless Master Control Box

For multiple zone baseboard control, the controllers are linked by a wireless network “master” controller that determines system operation. The WZ_TERMINAL_1 allows operator input or a contact closure to trigger the “on” state of the controllers in the attached wireless system. When the switch is “on” the WZ_TERMINAL_1 transmits an “on” command to all the controllers in the network. When the LVSTAT250 controllers are “on”, they control to the setpoint knob and when “off” control to the preset low temperature.

The WZ_TERMINAL_1 can be triggered to Occupied Mode by:
1. Locally or over the internet using the Browser Based Front End on your smartphone or computer.
2. Pushing a button on the WZ_TERMINAL_1
3. Contact closure from a remote switch or home control system.

For more info on the WZ_TERMINAL_1 please visit the Home Control Products page or contact us at

MyHomeHeat – Browser Based Front End

View a sample of the embedded browser based Front End
The MyHomeHeat system can be configured to control multiple zones with various strategies and options. This browser based work station can be viewed and adjusted by any internet capable devise.

Some of the basic functions of the MyHomeHeat Work Station are:

Occupied/Unoccupied State
When the system is set to Unoccupied state, The WZ_TERMINAL commands all the WZ_LVSTATS to use the Unoccupied setpoint. When the system is set to Occupied state, the WZ_LVSTATS revert to their KNOB setpoint. By doing this there is no need to change any room setpoint once you are happy with the temperature for Occupied mode.

Unoccupied Setpoint
The Unoccupied temperature setpoint can be fixed or based on outdoor temperature, so that as it gets colder outside the unoccupied temperature setpoint is adjusted higher to give insurance against power outages. This can be toggled by motion or user input

Minimum and Maximum Setpoint
The minimum and maximum setpoints can be set for each zone. These override the knob setpoint. This is useful for keeping renters from turning up the heat to high or maintaining a minimum setpoint.

Set day and night time schedules during occupied mode. If you are away during the day, or not using some areas, there is no point heating empty spaces.

For further information on individual Walker home control products please visit our Home Control Products page or contact us at

"The system simply works, heating when we are on the mountain and cools down when we are not, saving energy and saving money." - Ed Life

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