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Distributorship and Training


Join the global Walker Technologies Corp. team.

We are actively seeking to identify new markets and distribution channels for our established line of control products. It is our intention to form long term strategic alliances with reputable organizations worldwide. We are looking for organizations which have a successful track record in providing sales, system design, and distribution for corporate, industrial, and government clients.

Criteria for evaluating distributor applicants:

•Quality commitment
•Corporate strategies
•Technical qualifications

•Current markets serviced
•Commitment to long-term growth
•Current product line
•Geographic location

We are committed to successfully introducing our products, technology and expertise into industries inside and outside of HVAC. This includes development of new products in response to the demonstrated needs of those industries, and an expansion of our existing support services. If you are interested in receiving additional information on our products or distributorship opportunities, please contact


Learn simple, effective techniques directly from the designers

We can design a complete training program that meets the needs of your sales staff, technical staff, and the end-user.
Training courses are modular and each course is customized to suit the specific requirements of those attending.
Courses are offered on an "as needed" basis and usually take place at Walker Technologies training facilities/office.
Courses are available for those involved with the sales, operation and installation of Walker control systems. The
following certification courses are currently offered:

Sales Training

This course, intended for sales people, provides the technical knowledge needed to successfully bid a project. Topics discussed include competitive advantages, sales demonstrations, and quoting. Participants will also be given an overview of system design (including existing systems integration).

Introductory Technician Course

This is designed for the technician or engineer who has no previous Walker experience. This course covers installation, setup and programming of a new Walker system. Basic techniques for handling and installing sensitive electronic equipment and proper data highway installation, grounding and shielding techniques is covered.

Advanced Technician Course

A course designed for system engineers and technicians to upgrade their understanding of Walker controls to include full product functionality.

Diagnostics Course

This high level technical course is aimed at those individuals responsible for system maintenance and troubleshooting. A comprehensive examination of noise reduction methods and common installation deficiencies are discussed.

Customer Course

This course is not designed for those who will be responsible for high level debugging or programming, but rather for system users and software operators. Training courses can be customized to suit the needs of individuals, companies or end-users. We are able to offer courses according to your schedule on location. Each of the standard courses outlined above include a certificate for the participants. The Walker Training Certification process is a useful tool in assessing an individual's capability to perform the various tasks associated with installation, programming and troubleshooting. We believe that this certification process will streamline technical support efforts by providing a means to establish the level of expertise a technician has when he or she has contacted us for assistance. Those who have taken our training course (s) are well prepared to take full advantage of the advanced features of Walker controls.

If you would like to participate in one of the standard course offerings detailed here, or if you have a specific training requirement that is not met by these programs, please contact us at -

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