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Connect IMS (Interface Management Software)

Connect-IMS is a powerful internet capable software package that provides unsurpassed flexibility and control for setting up and managing a building control system. It provides a complete set of user-friendly control features and full graphic displays for total system access.

Using Connect-IMS and an internet connection, you can command and monitor buildings from anywhere in the world.

Connect-IMS runs on all versions of the Windows operating system, and is compatible with every generation of Walker device.

Whether you are a building owner or manager, or an HVAC technician, Connect-IMS provides you with all the tools you need to handle any building automation and control challenge.


• Remote management of one or more facilities from your computer or smart phone.

• View and control systems using either standalone, client/server, or web-based configurations.

• Create system access privileges based on user and/or location, with adjustable auto logout to
  protect unattended terminals.

• Design and manage flexible, scalable systems, from a single piece of equipment to a
  distributed multi-building campus.

• Customize displays to suit any requirements and easily modify existing graphics to change
  with your business or equipment.

• Automatically send trend data to Microsoft Excel for importing/exporting to and from standard
  office applications and reporting tools.

• Streamline energy management efforts in realtime with up-to-the-minute reporting.

• Detect and log tenant activity, generate billing information and limit demand throughout the

• A single product for system implementation, maintenance, and monitoring.

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