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Community Control

Do you want all of the features and benefits of a Walker Wireless system? Great! Does your neighbor want them too? Even better!

In a community system, set-up cost can be distributed to each building or residences so everyone saves. To install a Walker Wireless system, all it takes is to replace existing thermostats with Walker Wireless thermostats. These operate as stand alone controllers as well as communicate over a wireless mesh network back to a head end located in a central building or condo with setpoint and motion information.

Where there is a community of buildings or residences that are within a short distance from each other, a centralized control system can often reduce the cost per unit for the installation. The centralized control location manages the internet connection and contains the control logic for each individual unit. Each building or condo has individual passwords and software graphics.

Each location is personalized, with its own graphics, schedules, settings and passwords upon installation. Fully customizable system settings allow for your home to be set up specifically to suite your needs. You may choose to have your management control your building, sign up for the Walker Technologies remote monitoring package or do it yourself with Connect-IMS, our easy to use system interface.

• Saving from 30% to 70% on your heating/cooling bills gives a short return on investment while reducing your carbon footprint.
• Your heat or cooling is automatically adjusted based on room occupancy.
• Leading edge Wireless technology allows for non-invasive set up and dramatic cost savings on the initial installation.
• Individualized software gives you complete control of your building from anywhere in the world, with continuous and accurate tracking of heating

The Walker Technologies Corp. Community System as Impletmented on Mt. Washington B.C. Canada

As a true community network, the Walker Technologies Corp. Home System Cloud provides remote internet access to each Home Control system, and Wi-Fi internet throughout each home. Distances between each Open Mesh Mini-Router can be up to 300 feet.

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