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Commercial Wireless Systems

Installing a Walker Wireless system in industrial applications is simple and affordable. Commercial systems have been the focus of Walker Technologies Corp. for 30 years. With the introduction of wireless controls there are a new range of economically viable options where low impact installation and security are vital. Our commercial systems are installed in hospitals, industrial locations, airports, heritage buildings, schools and government and military locations.

With all main controllers in one central location, a wireless system orchestrates the buildings heating and cooling control, and allows building managers
to maintain their systems by computer or smart phone. By simply installing wireless controllers through-out the building or replacing thermostats, installation is unobtrusive and inexpensive, ensuring a short return on investment.

Simple System Architecture:

On a computer with Connect-IMS front end software installed, system settings are adjusted over the internet within the main control panel installed in a central mechanical room.

Wireless information is then passed through the mesh network to the Walker Wireless controllers installed throughout the building.

The Walker Wireless Controllers then command or communicate with the building infrastructure, such as roof-top units, VAV actuators, boilers, heat pumps, solar panels or lights.

For more information on system structure please visit our mesh network page

Strength and Security

Walker Technologies controls have been installed in some of the most sensitive locations. The strength of a Walker Technologies control system is unmatched, when available programming languages were not powerful, flexible or secure enough, we created our own. Developing our own
communications protocols for internal networking and external device interfacing gives us the ability to maximize communications efficiency.

The Zigbee Mesh Network is a Self-Healing dynamic wireless protocol. In a Walker Wireless system each controller acts as a transmitter and router of information, if a controller looses communication or there is an obstruction, the mesh network will automatically find a new route for the data. When Walker Wireless controllers are not connected to a network, they act as “stand alone”, and will continue to function normally.

Key Features:
• Saving from 30% to 70% on your heating/cooling bills gives a short return on investment while reducing your carbon footprint.
• Your heating or cooling is automatically adjusted based on room occupancy.
• Leading edge Wireless technology allows for non-invasive set up and dramatic cost savings on the initial installation.
• Individualized software gives you complete control of your building from anywhere in the world, with continuous and accurate tracking of heating

You can trust that your Walker Technologies Corp. System will be maintain at it’s full potential for years to come. For more information or to learn about updating your system click here.

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