Native BACnet Interoperability Bridges

Walker Technologies’ BACnet solution allows a Walker BACnet panel to integrate easily into a new or existing BACnet system, communicating using either BACnet/IP, ISO 8802-3 or MSTP on a BACnet MSTP LAN, all with very little manual configuration required by the operator. Once a Walker BACnet panel is connected to a BACnet LAN, any other BACnet device on the LAN can dynamically discover this panel and the BACnet objects that it contains. A Walker BACnet panel allows any other BACnet device on the LAN to read or write the value property of any BACnet Analog or Binary object contained within that panel.

MicroSAC and MSTP Bridge



The MSTP-Bridge, when coupled with a MicroSAC31 offers the compatibility to interrogate up to 100 MSTP points from various MSTP devices. At the same time it is a slave to a MSTP master device and can give values for up to 240 points.

• Reads/writes up to 100 points to/from other mstp devices.
• Up to 240 points can be written and read by other mstp devices.

• MSTP Master operation –getting data from MSTP slave devices.
• Mapping table can be set up for up to 100 points from up to 10 devices.
• MSTP Slave operation – passing data to a MSTP master device.
• UP to 240 points can be passed to a master device by creating 3 DS points in the attached MicroSAC 31.

The WSxx_NBC products are a new line of native BACnet controllers based on the proven architecture of standard Walker Technologies SAC's (Stand Alone Controllers).

The WSxx_NBC's use Walker’s unique object oriented database to store BACnet objects while allowing the standard SAC operating software to still execute concurrently. This combines the power and throughput of the existing Walker systems with the new concepts of interoperability defined by SPC-135.


• Full conformance class 4 support.
• Native BACnet Controller using Ethernet or BAC/IP.
• BACnet support available for any existing Walker WS16xx.
• Fully backwards compatible to all Walker Technologies or Honeywell Custodian installations.
• Single low cost BACnet connection available to systems where a minimal BACnet connection is possible.
• BACnet throughput augmented by use of Walker's high speed SmartLAN network.
• WSxxxx_NBC panels currently provides support of Bridge2000 functionality to allow communication with Connect IMS.

WSxx_NBC products are compatible with all WS16xx products from Release 8 (1985) to present (with a firmware upgrade). This includes virtually all installed sites. Existing site connection can be made in a number of ways including a very low cost “Native BACnet System” solution. Any installed Walker site can be ECONOMICALLY upgraded in this manner.

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